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WIBA PRIMA Foundation or “Yayasan Wiba Prima” stands for “Warisan Ibrahim Bin Abdullah” (means Heritage of Ibrahim Bin Abdullah) (WIBA) and “Pembangunan Remaja Islam” (means Malaysian Islamic Youth Development) (PRIMA). WIBA PRIMA Foundation is established under the Trustee Act (Incorporation) Act 1952 with registration number PAB-06/2004 on 22 September 2003.

WIBA PRIMA Foundation was founded by the late Dato’ Ibrahim Bin Abdullah and his wife Datin Fatimah Binti Allahyarhammah Abu Bakar (read the book, Ayahku Ibrahim Abdullah for the background of the founders). Today, efforts continued with WIBA PRIMA Foundation chaired by his daughter, Datuk Kamilia Ibrahim.

The main objective of the WIBA PRIMA Foundation is organizing educational and welfare projects for society irrespective of religion, race and heredity through various approaches. Projects are not limited to organizing seminars, conventions and courses at various levels, including local, state and national levels but also includes various community development projects that are suitable to local needs.

If you are interested to know more on how you can collaborate or help us, email to us at kico@kamiliaibrahim.com or call us at +603 4051 2175. For more information, visit us at www.yayasanwibaprima.org  and fb.com/yayasanwibaprima .